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Best Path of Exile Blight Builds Guide

February 20th, 2020 · No Comments · Path of Exile


Path of Exile’s latest expansion is Blight, and it has changed the game in a better way. The lastest Blight introduced various changes to skills, mostly forcing a summoner meta with all the buffs to the summoner playstyles. making a build in Path of Exile can be really difficult if you’re new to the game. But, we will release the best Path of Exile Blight builds for every class. Keep in mind, while some builds are more powerful than others. It’s important to pick one that you’ll enjoy playing else burnout will occur rather quickly!

Best Blight Summoner Build – Str Stack Zombie Summoner

If you played Path of Exile in the past leagues, then you must know about how powerful this build is. And now, it has returned with even more power. The main purpose of this build is to provide you with as much strength as possible, something which your Zombies will get once you were the Baron Helmet.

The build is incredibly tanky while having up to 16 zombies and 20mil+ Shaper DPS which means it’ll just melt anything in its way. The only downside is that it’s “boring” to play for many and it might be very expensive to min-max during Blight as everyone will be going summoner.

If you’re looking for a 3.8 HC or SC viable build, you can’t go wrong with this one as it is one of the best PoE Blight builds. Although this build might seem to be boring at first, it is still one of the best ones since it can destroy anything in its way.

Best Blight Melee Build – Frost Blades Raider

The melee skills and Frost Blades received some amazing buffs during the last league, and this is something that makes Frost Blades one of the best builds even in the Blight League. The best thing about Frost Blades is that they can be acquired during the early stages of the game, and you can go with it if you want to play a build from the start to the end game.

Both the clear speed and boss clear are excellent and this particular build can be tweaked a bit to have more life, making it hardcore viable. The only main downside is that you can’t run any elemental reflect on maps because you’ll be instantly dead on the first hit.

Best Spell Caster Build – Essence Drain Occultist

Although the Essence Drain build can work well for both Trickster and Occultist, it still works better with the second one. Old players know that this build has been considered as one of the best Spell Caster Builds during the previous leagues.

For this particular build, we’re going for a Witch Occultist. Due to the nature of Essence Drain builds having a “generic chaos” passive tree, you’ll also be able to swap in Contagion or Bane instead of ED if you really want to. This Essence Drain build features very high damage output with fast clear speed which is accompanied by off-screen potential. The immensely high life regeneration and defensive capabilities make this one of the best builds to play as you start out in hardcore Blight because it can kill any boss in the game on a budget.

Best Blight Bow Build – Toxic Rain Shadow

The Toxic Rain Shadow is easily one of the best Bow Builds, despite not receiving any changes during the past leagues. Just like the above-mentioned build, this one also offers amazing defensive capabilities. Many players claim that this build is amazing for both leveling and end-game content.

With this build, you can run any map mods, do a lot of damage and still have very high defensive capabilities by utilizing high EHP, dodge and evade. The only main downside of Toxic Rain builds is the fact they are DoT which means it takes time to ramp up damage and kill monsters (which can kill you relatively quickly if they get close). Though, the fact that Toxic Rain also slows enemies helps tremendously when you’re dealing with high health enemies.

This is the best Path of Exile Blight builds for Summoner, Melee, Spell Caster, and Bow provided by Eznpc for you. In addition to such guides, Eznpc also sells the cheapest PoE currency, which is safe to trade, has no precedent of being banned, and is fast to deliver, typically completing transactions in 5-10 minutes.


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