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FIFA 16: respective dumpster fires

August 28th, 2015 · No Comments · FIFA 16

He’s looked poor without Suarez and sturridge on either side of him, but considering he was played in a new system with the respective dumpster fires of Lambert and Balo to support him, he’s had to carry more of the offensive load. His stats may not show his Fifa 16 account, but he was the only positive forward player Liverpool had for most of the season, showing great progress from the season before.

The fact that he doesn’t have Suarez or Sturridge doesn’t excuse his shit finishing. He is a great dribbler, but he shoots like a 6 year old. Have you seen him play? 1v1 with goalkeeper I will bet you my everything he misses.

The only player that has impressed me from the season before is Coutinho. He’s been class going forward! But I disagree on Sterling .. yes he’s been good in spots but overall, and especially towards the end of the season, he seemed to lose his big boy pants and looked like a lost, upset child. Also his face irritates me simply because he looks like a whingy bastard!

No way do all of them deserve upgrades. The season was longer than an eight match run. Liverpool and all their players were incredibly poor at the beginning of the season then had a great run, then struggled through the rest, only Henderson and lucas deserve Fifa coins. Henderson because he had a stellar season and lucas because he’s just underrated by ea.

He had some good games here and there, and was better up front under LVG than before, but stuttered too much, for mine. Often failed to have much impact, especially (but not only) when he was in midfield.
Herrera, Young (yes, Young) and Carrick were better than he was, in my opinion. Second-half Mata perhaps also.

He was incredible when the team called on him, scoring goals when we needed them and performed solidly the entire season. Easily deserves at least a +2 on his 79 from last year.

You can’t look at it like that, though. You have to look at his stats and see where those would put his overall, give or take a point because they can fudge that. His physical rating is spot on. 88 is fair. Look at his other stats and see what should change. Maybe a change to CAM or CM.

80 or 81 imo, coming from a united fan. He has really improved and looks great in many games, but some teams (chelsea, everton for example) learned to neutralize him and he became totally ineffective. First touch is class but he can be really sloppy at times, but in the end it usually works out. Deserves an upgrade definitely and hopefully EA will do so.


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