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What Should You Know When A New PoE League Starts Tue, 15 May 2018 07:33:38 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In Path of Exile, when a new league starts, all your characters from the old one goes into standard and you have to totally start over with nothing right? What else changes from league to league? how the hell are people are talking about endgame when if you have to start over you have to level your character back up again?

When a new league starts, characters migrate to the corresponding permanent league. Sc to SC, hc to hc, ssf to ssf, ssfhc to ssfhc.

Path of Exile

When you start the league, you start completely fresh, along with everyone else. Enough chaos orbs poe is important for you.

Every league comes with a big patch that usually has balance changes or what GGG refers to as an “expansion” which is something like war for the atlas that changed up the mapping system drastically or like fall of oriath which added new acts to the game (adding acts won’t happen again probably).

Changes to skills like what’s expected with incursion, new skills, ascendancy rebalances like came with bestiary. Other things to kind of refresh the meta a little usually.

Unless you’re super hardcore about the game, it can get really boring when the same skills and ascendancies are so good, and if your goal is exp or currency then you might just ignore the league most of the time, in which case a lot of times you need something else to keep you engaged.

People are talking about endgame because for players who have played a ton or practiced a lot, you can finish act 10 in like 4-6 hours pretty easily. Check out DeadAndDoom, he’s the best racer there is (racing is basically starting from a certain point and getting to a certain goal as fast as you can, it can be exp in a certain time or progressing to a certain point.)

And other streamers and such have done videos on league starts, engineering eternity probably did, I know raizqt has some videos of league starts or race ideas, zizaran might too.

I’m not as good as they are, and it probably takes me 10-15 hours to get to maps, also partly because I don’t like playing the way that gets you there faster (maximizing impact of exp by being underleveled, ignoring a lot of mobs and just running to boss and killing big packs or blue mobs) I just run to where I want to go and kill along the way however I think is fun.

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Choosing Your Best Ascendancy Class In PoE Flashback Mon, 07 May 2018 08:23:58 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> Flashback Event is organized by Path of Exile official website, which from May 4 to May 28. What Ascendancy class are you playing in Flashback?

Everyone (including top racers) thinks that top racers will play deadeye/slayer/hiero/jugg and for less competition they choose hipster ascendancies, like Assasin.


Whatever you guys plan to play, there won’t be “EZ demis”. Race lasts one month and if some ascendancy with be left out – people can always switch to it a week or two after the start.

Everyone’s going SC SSF hipster ascendancy to win an “easy demi”, as a result trade league deadeye alt arts are won by level 80 characters while there’s 500 level 100 SSF berserkers and guardians.

I have to start the race a day late, but at least it gives me an option to check if there’s some middle of the pack ascendancy like pathfinder or gladiator that happens to have very little competition.

There isn’t a single ascendancy that gives more attack speed than berserker. Across all nodes berserker gives 62% increased attack speed, the closest ascendancy that gets to that is Raider depending on how many frenzy charges you have, it takes 11 frenzy charges to reach 45% attack speed which is straight up unrealistic.

Tailwind on deadeye is the only one that can beat berserker in a comparison to attack speed, and that comes after significant investment, I’m not entirely sure at what point deadeye surpasses berserker in attack speed alone.

Is berserker bad against bosses because of the degen? sure. But 10% of your maximum life lost per second isn’t that hard to deal with at all. Obviously in bossing and HC situations it’s going to fall flat because of the reasons you outlined, other classes give similar benefits without the downside, but the benefits of berserker still shine in specific situations.

Life gained on hit for instance can be pretty broken with berserker’s attack speed. Molten strike with enough life on hit and all the insane amounts of attack speed can reach 5k+ a second from the life gained on hit alone without too much investment.

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How To Kill Bosses With PoE Elementalist Mon, 30 Apr 2018 08:06:48 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In Path of Exile, the Elementalist is an Ascendancy class for Witches. Elementalists deal in all things elemental. They have access to conditional but powerful element damage bonuses, some granted periodically or with a skill requirement.

Path of Exile

They can also specialize in elemental ailments, Herald skills, and elemental golems. Some passive skills can be mixed and matched to accommodate multiple damage types, even physical and chaos.

If you are still learning about the gear and what things you can do to upgrade, and you don’t know what tips/upgrades can you get to make killing bosses a little easier? I hope the following tips can help you. Don’t forget enough chaos orbs poe is important.

1. Level up your green gems in your 6L, you have plenty of dex to upgrade them, same with your herald of ice. Respec the 6 points you used to get Arcane potency (the crit nodes in the top left) and put them somewhere else that will be more efficient.

2. If you plan to actually use your golems, they need to be leveled up so they don’t die in one hit to a white monster. Arcane surge in a Lightning warp setup is not the greatest idea either, due to conflicting duration modifiers. A possible solution would be [Flame dash+Arcane surge+Increased duration+Faster casting], depending how you feel about flame dash.

3. Grab the 3 nearby 5% life nodes that you’re missing, as well as Coordination for the 6% cast speed, after putting the last point in throat seeker you’ll still have 1 point left.

4. Try to get a level 21 freezing pulse as well. If you ever do uber lab, you may consider unspeccing paragon of calamity from elementalist and getting Beacon of ruin for the guaranteed shock/chill, although you won’t be able to do ele reflect maps.

5. As long as you can consistently chill bosses, which takes atleast 0.33% of the bosses max life as damage in one hit without beacon of ruin, replace Ice bite with Hypothermia. Compared to what you’re doing now, your damage will sky rocket if you use level 18+ Cold penetration and Hypothermia gems.

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Path Of Exile Infernal Blow Is A Melee Attack Skill Sat, 21 Apr 2018 07:59:27 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In Path of Exile, Infernal Blow is a melee attack skill that converts half of Physical Damage to Fire Damage, applying a special debuff to enemies.

1. If the enemy dies while affected by this debuff, they will explode, dealing fire damage to nearby enemies. Requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, Staff or Unarmed.

Path of Exile

2. Damage conversion: Like all converted damage, the fire portion of Infernal Blow’s damage will be modified by both fire damage increases and physical damage increases. In fact, poe currency purchase is important in game.

3. Duration: If the debuff caused by Infernal Blow is still active when the monster dies, it will explode even if Infernal Blow was not the killing blow. That makes this skill very effective with Melee Splash.

4. Explosion: The explosion deals a percentage of the corpses’ maximum life as fire secondary damage in an area around the corpse. It is neither an attack nor a spell, so in particular it is not affected by modifiers to melee damage, weapon damage or spell damage, but is affected by Elemental Damage with Attack Skills.

5. The explosion damage cannot be reflected. Each explosion can roll a critical strike independently from the Infernal Blow attack. While in a party, the explosion ignores the increased life added for each player beyond the first and treats the monster’s life as if you were solo.

6. Monster Types: Magic (blue named) and rare (yellow named) monsters can be exploded, but unique monsters (orange named) cannot be.

7. Area of effect modifiers will only apply to the explosion itself, not the melee attack.

When you encounter some problems that you don’t understand in the game, please don’t panic, you can log in our official website on, there are some guides and news related to the Path of Exile for beginners.

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PoE: Did You Spend A Long Time On Uber Lab Runs? Sat, 14 Apr 2018 07:21:00 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In Path of Exile, I know that lab runners with a dedicated build are quite fast but What about the average player? In fact, when you keep an eye on poe currency trade, you will find things will become easier. Next, Let’s take a look at the time spent by different players in uber lab runs:

Path of Exile

1. 20-30 minutes. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to squash the habit of killing every monster that crosses my path. Also I am godawful at dodging traps, so trying to speed through them usually just gets me killed. Especially the spikes + Blade Sentries combo. I have to go especially slow for those. Tl:dr speed clears are just not my thing.

2. The 2-3 minute time is my lab racer who insta-gibs izaro with GC mines and has < 2k life. So yeah, he makes 15ex in 3 minutes, so he's not too concerned about keys.

The 4-5 minute times I'll grab Dark Shrines, Argus, Puzzles, and Gauntlets that aren't completely out of the way. Extras aren't worth it if you could just run lab a second time and get another 3 keys and another enchant. At least to me.

3. 20-30 minutes is really slow if youre farming lab lol. I was able to pull out like 15-18 minute runs on my rf guardian when I wasnt even using brightbeak and had dogshit attack speed.

4. I am now down to 8 to 13 minute lab runs on average. At the start of a league, I am usually pulling 15 to 20 minute lab runs, as I get more HP, more levels, and etc the time comes down. I honestly don’t look at the time on my lab runs, I would rather be safe and take an extra 5-10 minutes, than die half way through and get nothing.

5. Usually like 20~30 minutes for my first 6-key run of a league but more like 8 minutes a week later when I have a character using a brightbeak prismatic eclipse leap slam weapon swap and have real DPS for izaro.

What about you? Any build can weaponswap to brightbeak/prismatic eclipse and leap slam through a reasonable clear grabbing everything on main path in 10 mins or so. Maybe longer if you have low regen and need to wait for that between traps.

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What Should You Notice When Beastcrafting In PoE Bestiary League? Sat, 07 Apr 2018 06:56:13 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In PoE bestiary league, beastcrafting is a method of crafting by sacrificing beasts to the blood altar in the Menagerie. Up to four beasts can be sacrificed at a time, though the number and type of beasts used depend on the recipe.

Path of Exile

When beastcrafting, the four beasts chosen are released into the arena surrounding the blood altar and must be killed to complete the recipe. If the player dies during the attempt, the recipe fails and the beasts are lost.
The following tips you should know:

1. A lot of this stuff is basic, but I thought it might be useful to somebody out there.

2. Only the LV of the first beast in the recipe matters. Beast LV doesn’t matter for all recipes (for example, it doesn’t look like it has any effect on the rerolling rare items with a specific mod craft).

3. Special Beasts are more likely to appear in areas where their base enemy type shows up. So for example, the cavern near the end of Act 6 is a great place to farm Deep One beasts (for the Prophecy craft).

4. Higher rarity beasts can take the place of lower rarity beasts. So if there’s a unique beast in Act1-10 of the same type that you need, that’s an easy way to get one.

5. The Faun is a really easy unique beast to farm since it appears at the end of The Climb in Act 1 (so you can start in The Lower Prison and backtrack) and has a great leveling recipe (Quicksilver Flask with extra movement speed). Worth farming up a few until you get a couple with rolls you like.

6. The create a unique recipes can create uniques from any league. Beast LV does matter here (so if you’re hoping for a specific one, make sure you’re LV is over the requirement).

7. You can sell 3 nets of one tier for 1 net of the next tier up through tier 9. Selling 3 tier 10 nets will give you 1 special net that can target dead beasts.

Any other interesting tips you’ve come up with for beastcrafting? I believe that other experienced players will be better than my tips, but these are the reasons for my success, and I sincerely hope it will help you too.

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Path Of Exile: Top 10 Tips For A New SSF Player Sat, 31 Mar 2018 06:26:23 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In Path of Exile, if you are a new SSF player, are there any things you should take into consideration when starting your first build? That should work well for your first build if you just want to farm for your subsequent builds, and it will be strong if you find good gear to go with it too (like a shaper sceptre).

Path of Exile

1. Keep leveling gear since you wont be able to buy it.

2. Be careful early with your currency (try not to waste jewelers fuse and chromes, as you’ll need to save them up to be able to link anything).

3. Set up your loot filter specifically for SSF.

4. You can kind of deterministically use the beast crafting similar to chancing for items you want.

5. You will need to be careful with how you open your atlas as you can’t buy maps (except for zana when she levels or after you do her daily, make sure to buy maps you need from her). Look up a map guide for ssf.

6. Trials are a huge pain in the ass. (its a horrible system). I had a lvl 86, and ran dozens of low tier maps just charging through looking for trials and still didn’t get my last uber trial. Finally got it on my next character lvl 75+ (and I’ve heard of people having much worse luck). So plan your build to be only merc ascended.

7. Save deep one’s presence beasts for the 5 prophecy recipe.

8. Use leveling recipes like +1 wands/sceptres.

9. You might want to do the chaos recipe, and will likely want to do the regal recipe.

10. Consider what you want to do with your SSF experience (just one character? Do you want to have like a team based approach with all your characters working toward a goal – i.e. lab farmer, mapper, bosser).

If you are new to the game and don’t want to mess up your first build, follow some build guide from our website. Another option is to just mess around yourself and see how things work.

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Best Path Of Exile Guide On Vaal Skills Thu, 22 Mar 2018 03:03:19 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In Path of Exile, Vaal skills are granted by Vaal skill gems, a special type of corrupt skill gem that can be used to unleash powerful abilities fueled by the souls of slain enemies.

Vaal skill gems can be looted from corrupted areas, certain strongboxes, and bosses of corrupted maps. It is also possible to create a Vaal skill gem by using a Vaal Orb on a corresponding normal skill gem (e.g. using a Vaal Orb on Spectral Throw has a chance of turning it into Vaal Spectral Throw).

Path of Exile

To use a Vaal skill, its gem must first be charged by collecting souls. Players may know, each slain enemy provides one soul, assigned randomly to one of the character’s equipped Vaal skill gems.

Souls will never be assigned to Vaal skill gems in the character’s secondary weapon set. Collected souls cannot be transferred between zone instances; instead, each instance maintains its own soul counter for each gem. In other words, entering a new instance will start a new counter for each gem, but returning to a previously visited instance will restore each counter to its previous value.

Once a Vaal skill gem collects a sufficient number of souls, it is charged with one use. The number of souls per use depends on the skill and increase as the character progresses in the story. Some Vaal skill gems can store enough souls for more than one use. Once a gem’s maximum soul capacity is reached, it can collect no additional souls until they are spent by using the skill.

The story has the following effects on the soul cost of the vaal skill:

Completion of Act 5 increases the cost to 150% of the base value.

Completion of Act 10 increases the cost to 200% of the base value.

Please note that once the cost increase has been applied it will apply to all game areas, including the areas of previous acts.

Because a Gemcutter’s Prism can’t be used on corrupted gems, getting quality on vaal gems is substantially harder than it is on a regular gem. Vaal gems must either drop with quality or a normal gem already with quality must have a Vaal Orb used on it and be turned into a corrupted Vaal gem.

Vaal skills themselves can not be activated by trigger gems, they can trigger other gems however. Any effects that modify the original skill, such as Helmet Enchantments and Threshold jewels, will also affect the Vaal version of the skill as well. Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you.

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Do You Know The Beyond Demon In Path Of Exile Fri, 16 Mar 2018 05:39:19 +0000 fut16coin Continue reading ]]> In Path of Exile, Beyond Demons are interdimensional unique monsters introduced in Forsaken Masters for the Beyond league. When you kill a monster, there is a chance that a small crimson orb appears on the ground. If four of these appear close to each other (roughly one screen), they open portals that spawn regular demons.

They are quite tough. If these die, they have a chance to leave some kind of organic bloody fountain on the location where they were spawned. If three of these appear close to each other, they spawn a unique boss that’s extremely difficult to kill or even escape.

Path of Exile

After the Beyond league ended, Beyond Demons were not added to the core game. They can still spawn in maps altered by Zana’s map device and are available as a map mod. They also appear in magic packs with the Voidspawn of Abaxoth Bloodline mod.

There are several beyond bosses:

Tzteosh – casts Vaal Flameblast and other fire skills.

Na’em – uses Leap Slam, Cleave and fires physical projectile nova which deals pretty high damage.

Haast – casts Ice Spear with multiple projectiles and cold version of Vaal Fireball.

Bameth – uses Split Arrow, creates and detonates corpses.

Ephij – uses Vaal Storm Call, shoots Ball Lightning in a nova and other lightning skills.

Abaxoth – the most powerful beyond boss and he combines and uses skills from previously mentioned bosses.

Hopefully the above guide will be helpful to you.

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