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Choosing Your Best Ascendancy Class In PoE Flashback

May 7th, 2018 · No Comments · Path of Exile

Flashback Event is organized by Path of Exile official website, which from May 4 to May 28. What Ascendancy class are you playing in Flashback?

Everyone (including top racers) thinks that top racers will play deadeye/slayer/hiero/jugg and for less competition they choose hipster ascendancies, like Assasin.


Whatever you guys plan to play, there won’t be “EZ demis”. Race lasts one month and if some ascendancy with be left out – people can always switch to it a week or two after the start.

Everyone’s going SC SSF hipster ascendancy to win an “easy demi”, as a result trade league deadeye alt arts are won by level 80 characters while there’s 500 level 100 SSF berserkers and guardians.

I have to start the race a day late, but at least it gives me an option to check if there’s some middle of the pack ascendancy like pathfinder or gladiator that happens to have very little competition.

There isn’t a single ascendancy that gives more attack speed than berserker. Across all nodes berserker gives 62% increased attack speed, the closest ascendancy that gets to that is Raider depending on how many frenzy charges you have, it takes 11 frenzy charges to reach 45% attack speed which is straight up unrealistic.

Tailwind on deadeye is the only one that can beat berserker in a comparison to attack speed, and that comes after significant investment, I’m not entirely sure at what point deadeye surpasses berserker in attack speed alone.

Is berserker bad against bosses because of the degen? sure. But 10% of your maximum life lost per second isn’t that hard to deal with at all. Obviously in bossing and HC situations it’s going to fall flat because of the reasons you outlined, other classes give similar benefits without the downside, but the benefits of berserker still shine in specific situations.

Life gained on hit for instance can be pretty broken with berserker’s attack speed. Molten strike with enough life on hit and all the insane amounts of attack speed can reach 5k+ a second from the life gained on hit alone without too much investment.


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